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Survey Finds Multiple Instances of Neglect in Nursing Home in Memphis

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A recent survey conducted by the Tennessee Department of Health of Signature Healthcare at St. Peter Villa in Memphis, Tennessee, revealed multiple deficiencies.  The survey, completed on August 27, 2014, concluded that the nursing home neglected to take required precautions for resident care, which resulted in immediate jeopardy to multiple residents.  According to the survey, the facility neglected to perform the Heimlich maneuver when a resident began choking.  This resulted in a finding of immediate jeopardy to the resident who subsequently choked to death.

The survey revealed that the resident had been put on a physician ordered “mechanical soft diet with pureed meat,” due to a swallowing problem.  Interviews conducted by the surveyor revealed that the facility neglected to ensure that the resident received the proper diet.  Surveyors found that the resident received non-pureed meat and was left alone to eat in his room.

In another deficiency cited in the same survey, the surveyors found that the facility failed to properly investigate and report an alleged rape.  Additionally, the survey found that the facility failed to take proper steps to prevent further potential abuse during the investigation.  Federal law requires a long term nursing facility to ensure that all alleged violations of neglect or abuse are reported through established procedures.  The surveyors found that the facility failed to meet this requirement, placing the resident in immediate jeopardy of further potential abuse.

The incidents at Signature Healthcare at St. Peter Villa are just two examples of how nursing home facilities can place residents at risk by neglecting to follow proper procedures.  It’s devastating to think that these incidents might have been avoided if the facility charged to protect these residents had followed the required procedures.

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