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A recent federal survey conducted at a nursing home in Murfreesboro, Tennessee revealed several areas of issue in the care there.  In a complaint survey dated May 14, 2014, NHC Healthcare, Murfreesboro was cited for a number of deficiencies including:

  • not properly obtaining abuse registry checks for employees,
  • not maintaining an environment to prevent cross-contamination, and
  • failing to properly document medication administration and effectiveness.

All three of these deficiencies could lead to endangerment of residents at the nursing home.  If you or a loved one have experienced medication errors, infections, or have seen signs of abuse or neglect on the part of NHC Healthcare, Murfreesboro or its employees please contact Jehl Law Group, PLLC immediately!

The allegations here are serious.  Any one of these deficiencies could lead to life threatening consequences for the residents at this nursing home.  When nursing homes fail to adequately perform background checks on employees, patients can be put at risk of physical, mental, or sexual abuse by nursing home employees.  Far too often, we have witnessed caretakers causing harm to residents in nursing homes in Tennessee.  It is of the utmost importance to conduct proper background checks so that sexual predators or those who may take financial advantage of the elderly are not put in a position where they can take advantage of those dependent on them for their well-being and care.   We encourage nursing homes to seek out employees who respect the dignity of human life and part of this is ensuring that their employees do not have a history of abuseAdditionally when it comes to care for patients, a nursing home must maintain a clean environment and proper care management.  Surveyors found that NHC Healthcare, Murfreesboro was placing medical supplies and equipment on surfaces that may have been contaminated instead of in their proper packaging.

Nursing homes are often high traffic areas where residents can come into close contact with one another. This can lead to the spread of infections such as MRSA and influenza. One of the most important ways to prevent infection is to maintain an environment that prevents cross contamination among patients. Properly sealing medical equipment and supplies prevents bacteria and viruses from transferring from one patient to the next.

Additionally, proper charting is also important in ensuring patients receive medication and treatment in a timely and accurate manner. Without accurately documented care, patients may receive improper dosages that are given too frequently or not often enough. This can not only lead to dangerous effects form the drugs but can severely impair resident’s ability to regain and maintain their health. NHC Healthcare, Murfreesboro has been entrusted to provide care to their residents and by failing to accurately document that care they are risking the health and safety of everyone in their facility.

At the Jehl Law Group, our attorneys have years of experience working with cases such as these and it is troubling when we see a report such as this one. We offer a free consultation regarding your loved ones care and will advise you on the steps you should take to prevent harm coming to your loved one. The safety and well-being of those who cannot defend themselves is what drives us. We see no excuse why nursing homes should not provide their residents with the care and protection they deserve. Contact us immediately if you believe you or your loved one has been injured.