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Nursing Homes Use Legal Tactic to Take Control of Patients

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Another week and another disturbing practice is revealed about nursing homes taking advantage of their residents. A report from the New York Times found that nursing homes in New York and several other states have been using a legal tactic to take control of their resident’s assets in an attempt to recover for unpaid medical bills when an issue arises with insurance payment. These nursing homes have been filing guardianship petitions that essentially grant them full authority over both the patient and their money. Through the Times’ reporting we are able to glimpse a troubling  practice that often takes place in the shadows of the legal system. Many of these cases are closed to public view because of privacy issues and it is difficult not only to ascertain how common the practice is but to what extent it takes place throughout the United States.

The nursing homes that were the subject of the story appeared to be using the practice in vindictive ways. For example, one resident found herself to be the subject of a guardianship petition after lodging complaints about the nursing home’s treatment. If nursing homes attempt to silence those who would speak up about inadequacies in patient care using such strong-arm tactics there can be little to no accountability for putting patients at risk.

What is most troubling about this practice is that nursing homes are taking advantage of their patient’s infirmness and blatantly taking control of the patients away from their families. When it comes to patients who can no longer make decisions for themselves it is outrageous to see that the wishes of their loved ones may be circumvented in a shortsighted effort to recoup losses for the nursing home. Many of these incidents involve disputes over insurance and could be resolved without sacrificing the legal rights and dignity of the patients by having control of their lives handed over to a corporation.

If you or a loved one has experienced abuse or neglect in a nursing home we want to hear from you. You should not feel that you or your loved one have given up their rights to seek justice due to unpaid medical bills or changes in insurance. It is a nursing home’s duty to provide proper care to their residents. If you have felt pressured into not reporting incidents of abuse and fear repercussions, please contact us. We at the Jehl Law Group, PLLC are here to help. Our lawyers have years of experience dealing with nursing home abuse cases and can make sure you or your loved one receive justice they deserve.